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 Learn How To Read Quran

The Online Quran Reading (Naazra) Course is recommended for kids and adults at beginner’s

Learn Tajweed-ul-Quran

Reciting the Holy Quran with proper pronounciation is called Tajweed ul Quran. Learn how to Recite Quran in beautiful “Qirat” like a Qari.

Skype Quran Classes

Learn Quran Online and get classes on skype. Teacher will teach you reading Quran through Skype.

Quran For Kids

Quran for Kids is a very basic online course designed for children who don’t know how to recite the Holy Quran.

Learn Hifz-ul-Quran

The classes of Hifz Quran known or memorization of Quran is for Muslims who want to memorize Quran or want to do the revisions.

Learn Tafseer-ul- Quran

Learning Tafsir ul Quran is very important if you want to completely understand message of Allah in Quran.

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Then what you waiting for? Learn Quran Online while staying at Home!

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What’s the Reason behind Al Quran Schools?

Hazrat Muhammad (وسلم عليه الله صلى) said,

The most superior amongst you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.”

In earlier days People solve their routine life matters according to stereotyped and biased thoughts of their elders. Because of which injustice and conflicts raise again and again.

After the inauguration of ISLAM, for each matter, whether it is a business or personal, norms and regulations introduced for all.

For the sake of erasure conflicts,
Quran e Pak and Ahadees of our last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (وسلم عليه الله صلى), furnish full detail about all these rules.

That’s why
Founder of Al Quran chooses the way of teaching Quran e Pak to help the Muslim’s, as well as new Muslims and kids for better, understand Islam and its rule and regulation.

We try to provide a full Islamic environment while teaching as our new generations face some lacks in current days because of the modern environment.

However, when the question arises “What’s the reason behind Al Quran School”then the answer is same as above,
We predominantly originate for spread true meaning of Islam, through Quran e Pak. We want to teach the absolute meaning of Islam to our new generation.

The best place for kids to learn Quran & Hadith is the local mosque. Education at mosque also creates spiritual inspirations in the mind of kids that enhances their desire to learn and practice Islamic values in their daily lives.

But if you are living in a country where you don’t have Islamic environment and you don’t have Islamic institutions near you. That’s where we can help you. We have built a setup for Online Islamic Teaching. Now you and your kids can learn Quran from Al Quran Schools while sitting at your home.

We are an institute where you can learn Quran Reading (Naazra) with Tajweed rules, as well as Learn it By Heart (Hifz ul Quran) and many other Islamic subjects.

Our teachers are educated from prominent universities and madaris, they are highly trained for distance education system, we also use latest teaching tools and software’s as well.

Our teachers are available online to help you and your kids to Read Quran according to Tajweed rules, providing one-on-one lectures.

Benefits of Learn Quran Online

Learn Quran with convenience.
Latest Software makes lessons very interactive.
One-on-one lessons.
Daily dairy.
Top qualified and experienced teachers.
Class timings of your convenience.
Free trials available before you start.

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