Al Quran school is devoted to prosper a well-groomed Islamic generation. Our vision is to transmit a genuine meaning of Islam through Quran e Pak to the new generation.

Al Quran serves “Skype Quran Classes” So anyone with internet facility can approach anywhere from the world and learn Quran e Pak and about Islam at home.

We are also targeting new Muslims all our the world who needs to explore more about Islam. But in these days our most focusing points is junior students (kids), for whom we are organized “Quran for Kids” program.

Other programs like “Learn Tafsir Al Quran” and “Learn Quran Translation” and all other’s are also top rated courses.

For all courses, we have qualified staff who delegated to their work, with experience of several years

We also have plans to start new general courses other than Quran e Pak courses,

 But… that plan is under processed now.

Want to know About courses??

Specialities of Our Teachers

We know it well that Quran e Pak delineate bases of Islam.

So..A little mistake in teaching can convey erroneous meaning.

Also, Teacher’s in Islam have a reputable zone, and student represents their coach’s thoughts.

And For the sake of communicating a genuine message of Quran e Pak without an error, we can’t compromise on staff abilities.

That’s why only qualified teacher’s assigned,

Which completes their courses from highly renowned universities. They have full knowledge about Quran e Pak and adequately familiar with the history and rules of Islam.

Tajweed Rules
Letest Tools
University Graduates
Well Trained
Language Skills

All employees have teaching experience of several years. Before engaging demo test’s conduct for all and only after complete satisfaction about their teaching style and way of conveying lectures we hired them.

Feedback for the sake of improvement also performs meanwhile. Teacher rotation process can also place, If a student face difficulties in learning with the current Coach.

Who We Are?

Al Quran school is a Pakistan-based online Quran Academy, our head office located in Lahore, which is an easily approachable site from all main areas of the city.

It is the paramount Online Academy for those who want to learn Quran e Pak without or with Tajweed and Tafseer, but can’t manage to attend a mosque or institute for some particular reasons.Our predominant mission is to make a person distinctly understand that.

“What is Islam.”

So.. we choose the way of teaching Quran because the Quran e Pak contains all the essential and elaborate details about Islam.

Al Quran has thoughts that Muslims in history are stronger than today when they only follow the directions which point out in Quran e Pak and Ahadees of Hazrat Muhammad (Saw). That’s also one of the main reasons to choose the way of Quran e Pak teaching academy. We arranged distance learning program on both topics Quran e Pak and other Islamic pedagogy.

We introduce all learning material also in the form of courses for both kids and young generation. It makes easy for students to cover full Quran e Pak stepwise in detail.

All courses by our academy exploit exclusive online learning tools. We always try to amalgamate old and modern methods of teaching Quran e Pak.

We also provide training facilities to our teacher’s if their current approach of teaching need improvements.

Free trials offer on all courses for new students so if our students need to understand our method of education and environment than before permanent contract they can observe our style and methodology.

We try 100% to provide a friendly atmosphere for our students, so our students can easily consult any problems with teachers.

Revision classes also arranged those students who drop some of their “Skype Quran Classes” can encrust these parts.

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