Benefits of availing Free Trial: –

  • No risk of wasting your money.
  • Tiny measurement of quality.
  • A short test of services.
  • No commitment.
  • No restriction to carry on.
  • Perceive more about the Academy.
  • Save a further waste of time.
Make a Visit

You can also make a visit to our head office situated in Lahore. If you can make a visit there, Then Bring some cookies with you.

Understanding Quran e Pak meant Understanding Islam, So as per the Sensitivity of that matter, It’s a wise decision to “Try It Before you Buy it.”

Don’t make hurry, take the advantages of that opportunity before making the decision. That Free Trial will help you to make a decision about us and discover furthermore about Al Quran school. According to a random research most academies offer trial classes, but the duration of that trial version is too short like 1 or 3 days just, That short period can’t help to decide,“Whether taking admission is a valid decision or Not.”

Yet…  Al Quran Adore your efforts, and we also perceive the worth of your money and time.So…

We offer “ONE WEEK Free Trial” for the comfort and satisfaction of our student’s.Our Coaches will purvey you same services, which they provide paid students, with similar qualities.

We believe that “Practical gives you more understanding than research.” With the help of this trial period, you can understand the quality levels we met and also the environment weprovide, and teaching style of our Staff.

More than else it will help you to compare our service quality with other.That trial will help to build up your trust in Al Quran School and its services, which is more worthy for us than your money.There is no risk of wasting your money, and you can discover more about us during this period. Our Free Trial offer also eliminates your risk of trying something new.

So Start Free Trial, if you are confused about your decision to take admission.


What if you are not satisfied after that?That’s Free Trial is our least offer to give you a close view of Al Quran School, its environment, and services which we provide.Weappreciate your effort to make a research on us. And our staff will do their best to cover your needs and expectations.Of course…. Al Quran School and its staff love to teach you, and It will be a Honer if You choose us.

But.. If our Free Trial not able to meet your expectations, you can quit easily.

There is no restriction for you to carry on.We can understand your situation and always adore your decision and priorities.So Stay calm and take your time.

But if you need to discover more about Al Quran or need to confirm our historical work track etc.Then visit our blog site or contact our inquiry team if you have to clear some confusions or questions.