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Offering you Quran Reading Classes with Tajweed Rules. Specially Designed for Kids at beginner’s level students. At the end student will be able to Read Quran by himself.


Reciting Quran with proper pronunciation is very important. This Course is designed for student they can read Quran but want to recite Quran with Qirat like Qari.

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Hifz ul Quran
Hifz ul Quran is also known as Memorization of Quran. In this program we help students to learn and memorize complete Holy Quran. This program also includes
Quran Translation
Quran Translation is one of the course that is very much recommended. This will make familiar with meanings of Quran Hakim.This will be word by word translation.
Tafseer ul Quran

If you want to get the message of Allah Almighty then you should get admission in Tafseer-ul-Quran. We will explain you meaning of Quran with reference to Ayaats and Hadith.

More details about Online Quran Courses from Al Quran Schools

We are aimed to serve you with best online Islamic educational services.Our Online Quran Courses are for all age groups from Toddlers to Adults.

Here is brief overview of our Online Quran Courses ;

Tajweed ul Quran Course is based on working around expert level reciting skills and training.
Hifz-e-Quran Course is to memorize the Complete Quran by heart.
Quran Translation Course is being offered in both English and Urdu Languages.
Quran Reading Course includes basic tajweed training. it’s beginner level course for adults and children to start with Quran reading.
Tafseer-ul-Quran Course is for detailed explanation of each Ayaat with reference to other Islamic literature.

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