What is Hifz Ul Quran?


HIFZ UL QURAN (Memorizing the Quran) is a unique course carefully designed by our experienced and professional HUFFAZ with the intention to help those kids and adults who wish to join Hifz program online. Students who do not have easy access to Madrassa, Mosque or any Islamic Institute where they could avail Quran Memorization Program in the presence of a teacher, can make use of this Golden opportunity of online hifz ul Quran course. Our experts connect with students around the globe to help them read and m online hifz ul Quran course free at 7 days trial with Tajweed and then the hifz program online. Women are provided with Female Huffaz.

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All you need is a desktop or laptop computer, an internet connection, a headset and any available communicating software to access online hifz course. Using only a few objects, an entire online hifz ul Quran course free with 7 days trail can be covered within a specified time, and you can become a Hafiz while sitting home with a simple online hifz course.

AL QURAN SCHOOLS use simple and efficient methods to encourage easy but quick learning. Even a school going pupil can easily cope up with our classes and benefit from this great opportunity to become a Hafiz-e-Quran. We only require determination and interest of the student. Our teachers will guide them to achieve their goal.

Don’t hesitate! We Offer You 1 Week Trial For Free

If you are interested in Learning Quran and want to check our methods first.

Don’t hesitate! We Offer You 1 Week Trial For Free If you are interested in online hifz program and want to check our methods first.

This will help you to make a better decision about joining online hifz course.

Being a HAFIZ-E-QURAN elevates the status of Muslim to a very high level. The Messenger of Allah said,

“The best amongst you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it” [Al-Bukhari].

ALMIGHTY ALLAH gives special privilege to those who memorize the Quran, both in DUNYA and AKHIRAH. This act not only brings them closer to ALLAH but also win HIS favors for family and friends.

So, A Hafiz becomes a source of mercy for his family, friends, and neighborhood. A Hafiz will lead at least ten members of his family to Jannat with him.

Isn’t that amazing?

But what makes a Hafiz so valuable in Islam.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) lived in Arabia at the time when not many people knew how to read and write. The Arabs preserved most of their histories, genealogies, and poetry by memory. So, when a verse was revealed to Holy Prophet (SAW), he would recite it to his companions and ask them to learn it by heart exactly in the same fashion as Angel Jibrael revealed it. Later, these blessed companions would recite the verses to the people who knew how to write so that the Quran could be preserved in a written script as well. At the time of the compilation of the Quran, about 10,000 to 150,000 Hafiz memorized it perfectly, ensuring the authenticity of the Quran.

So, the Huffaz have been the carriers of ALMIGHTY ALLAH’s words, and they contributed a lot to the spreading of the Quran.


What YOU have is so valuable that YOU, along with one other type of person in this universe, are worthy of being envied. YOU will be among those who had Quran in their hearts.

Allah says in His Glorious Quran,

“Verily, those who recite the Book of Allah, and perform As-Salat, and spend (in charity) out of what We have provided for them, secretly and openly, hope for a (sure) trade-gain that will never perish.”

It was narrated by Hazrat Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) that Holy Prophet said:

“The one who recites the Quran and learns it by heart will be with the noble, righteous scribes (in Heaven) “

(Narrated by al-Bukhari, 4653; Muslim, 798)

It means Hifz-e-Quran is a direct ticket to JANNAH.

But, hold on, this is not the only reward.

A Hafiz is a true VIP. He automatically qualifies for leadership by being a Hafiz-e-Quran. He gets to lead the prayer in a prayer congregation. If you look at the history of ISLAM, there were many occasions when the Prophet appointed that SAHABA who had memorized the most Quran as the Leader of the prayer congregation.

As a result, Allah gave them such a huge status, and they became so valuable that even the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said

“There is no cause to be envious except in two cases:

A person whom Allah has taught the Quran, and he recites it in the day and night, and one of his neighbors hears him and says, ‘Woe to me! I wish I had been given what he has been given. Then I would do what he is doing!

A person whom Allah has blessed with wealth, and he spends it in good causes, so a person (who sees him) says, ‘Woe to me! I wish I had been given what he has been given; then I would do what he is doing! ”[Al-Bukhari]

Even at the time of death, the body of the Hafiz is placed ahead of everyone. At the battle of Uhud, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) buried the martyrs who were HAFIZ in front of others, to highlight their superiority.

This is what we are here to help you achieve.

AL QURAN SCHOOLS has a group of experienced HUFFAZ who will be assisting you in online hifz ul Quran course live. Our tutors deliver online hifz course lectures by ONE TO ONE correspondence between the students and teachers. So that they may understand the students’ ability to grasp and teach them accordingly. The online hifz program lectures are followed by tests and revision classes. The lectures are supervised by our seniors to ensure the quality of education. Female students are taught by our Female Huffaz.

We are providing Word by Word easy Online Quran Memorization because our Instructors have the best and easy ways to memorize the Quran for you. Our Huffaz are available 24 hours. So don’t miss this AMAZING opportunity of Quran Memorization Program and get admission NOW!

Why Online Quran Memorization Program?

With an increase in the usage of technology, everything is placed online now, like books, researches etc. Now all well Known institutes prefer provides there most of information’s as well as classes online because the word is getting busy day by day.

No one has time to pay a visit anywhere.

They prefer to click a button and approach everything just sitting at their home or workplace, As it is most convenient and faster than any other option.

So other than visiting institutes by cutting your time form a busy schedule Now students prefer to join Online Quran Memorization. As these Online Hifz Program are most convenient and flexible than face to face learning.

Another very interesting issues are that our young generation like their smartphones and Laptops more than their paper books. So Online Hifz Program is a more attractive option for them which is accessible only by a smartphone or a laptop.

Why Al Quran School?

According to the importance of Hifz Ul Quran, Quran Memorization Program require Quality and competence in every sense. Which Al Quran School is providing.

AT Al Quran School Online Quran Memorization handles by a Responsible crew. Our Teachers hold a strong experienced profile in face to face teaching and as well as in Online Quran Memorization programs.

They are familiar with how to handle the learning difficulties of their students of Online Hifz Program. That’s why our Students post satisfying reviews about them.

Al Quran Provide Hifz Program Online for Kids as well, under a trial of the week you can test Online Hifz Ul Quran Course Free for your kids. As kids require more care then elders so our teaching squad teaching them with complete affection and attention. We try to solve all of their problems Patiently because tolerance and patience Is the first demand. Parents check test these services with a trial of Memorize Quran Online Free.

Al Quran has a strong profile of working history, our review Colum is full with the satisfied comment of our regular students and as well use of Hifz Quran Online Free trials as well you can review them any time.

Our Consulting team will help to resolve any issues related to course. They will answer all of your questions about Hifz Program online as well schedule of classes. You can consult them at any time if you want to reschedule your classes or have any issue with the timing of classes. Our teachers will also allow consulting if you’re facing issues during classes.

Memorize Quran Online Free trial

AL Quran provides this facility of free trial for one week on all of his courses. With the help of our Hifz Quran Online Free trial for a week, all of your quires about our quality and services will solve easily. You don’t have to pay anything for joining our Memorize Quran Online Free. All services include in Memorize Quran Online Free trial are providing free from Al Quran Team.

You just need a strong internet connection as well as an account on our official website for joining Quran Memorization Program.

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