The Quran for Kids: Kids Quran Learning is a simple but comprehensive course designed by our experts to assist children in the recitation of Holy Quran with Tajweed. We take young learners from the age of 3 to 12, who are not familiar with Quranic recitation.

We start by introducing Basics of Quranic recitation with Rules of Tajweed and take them to higher levels gradually. They will also learn how to perform Salah and memorize important Surahs and duas. That’s why this is the best online quran learning for kids.

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Children are a source of SADQA-E-JARIAH for parents

Abu Huraira (RadhiAllahu ‘anhu) reported that Allah’s Messenger (Peace be upon him) said

“When a man dies, his acts come to an end, but three, recurring charity, or knowledge (by which people) benefit, or a pious son, who prays for him (for the deceased)”

This hadith means if you teach your child ANYTHING good, you will get the reward of his good deeds, even after your death. So, imagine your kids quran learning can literly lead you to Jannat one day INSHALLAH.

It’s narrated in SAHIH HADITH that Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said,

“Whoever guides to something good, is like the one who does it.”

Teaching best online quran classes for kids to read QURAN is the best type of Sadqa-e-Jariyah (ongoing charity) a parent can ever get.

Learn Quran for kids: You will teach your child; your children will teach their children and their grandchildren and so on. In this way, Quranic teachings will move from generation to generation.Until the Quran is read by your descendants, you will get a reward for each and every word recited by them. So teach kids quran so may you can get benifits in the day of judgment.

The parents of the child who strives hard to recite, memorize and understand Quran, are promised abundant amount of rewards in life and hereafter and our best quran teacher for kids can help you in that.

It is mentioned in Sahih Hadith

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said,

Whoever recites the Quran, learns it and acts according to it will be given a crown of light to wear on the Day of Judgement whose light will be like the sun. His parents will be clothed in two garments that did not exist in this worldly life.So they will say, what has caused us to be clothed (in these garments)?’ It will be said, “Your child taking hold of the Quran has caused this.”

The parents will get the continuous reward of instilling Islam in their children’s hearts, the love of this religion and the Book of Allah. That’s called learning quran for kids.

and INSHALLAH it will lead you to Jannat one day.

Do You want to teach Holy Quran to your Kids?

Levels of Online Quran Learning for Kids Course

Level 1: Noorani Qaida Level

On this level, our Quran Teacher for Kids mainly focus on teaching basics of Arabic language with the help of “Noorani Qaida”. This is a small but comprehensive booklet used for the learning of the Arabic alphabets, joining letters, the vowels and their proper pronunciation and sounds. A general introduction to the rules of Tajweed is also given to the kids.

Level 2: Quran Reading Beginner Level

In the second step, after getting to know the alphabets and their sounds, the student will start reading short phrases of the Arabic language. The reading will be accompanied by memorization of short Surahs of HOLY QURAN, six Kalmaats, and major duas.

Level 3: Quran Reading Advanced

On this level, students will be taught to recite complete sentences of the Holy QURAN with fluency. The main focus will be on rules of Tajweed. The teachers will make sure that the children follow rules of Tajweed and Tarteel while reciting the Quran and make them practice until they master their skills of reading.

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Bonus Learnings with The Quran for Kids Classes

Who doesn’t want that!

  • But learning quran for kids has become a critical issue these days. Nowadays, due to growing professional demands and social needs, parents have become a lot busier than before. They don’t have much time to spend with their children while they need quran teaching for kids and comprehensive scrutiny regarding their upbringing and education. As a result of this increasing gap between the two generations, our youngsters are swaying from the right path.Secondly, due to security issues and the misinterpretation of Islamic beliefs, Islamic institutes are not that safe like they used to be. . Long story short, quran teaching for kids is very difficult phisically that’s why you should move towards online skype classes. So,For all the parents who fear to send their little kids to such institutes but want to help them get benefit of Islamic teachings.Al Quran Schools has this fantastic solution to your problems.To assist your kids with Islamic education and Islamic environment while sitting home in parents’ presence,AL QURAN SCHOOLS announce “The Quran for Kids” classes for children. Although… the main aim of “The Quran for Kids” course is to familiarize your kids with the recitation of Holy Quran with Tajweed.But we also educate our students about other Islamic teachings. Our experienced tutors have planned their lectures in a way that each lecture comprises of a little portion in which students are told interesting stories about Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and other famous Prophets, Islamic culture, rules and Islamic morals. We provide them with Islamic environment where they will get to know basic Islamic practices. learn quran for kids will happen under your supervision.

INSHALLAH by the end of this period the child will be able to recite Quran by himself or herself because we are providing best online quran classes for kids.

During the Quran for Children program, Student will also get following Islamic Learnings as free bonus.

During the Quran for Children program, Students will also get to know.
How to read Salah (FIVE TIMES DAILY).
The Method of Funeral and Eid Prayers.
Common Prayers and Duas (Masnoon Duaian)
Memorizing Small Quranic Surahs.
Last but not least, we can also provide the Quran memorization for kids.

All you need is a headset, internet connection, and some communication software and you will be ready to teach kids quran.

If our teaching satisfies you, you can get your child admission any time you want, no matter where you are in this world. Our tutors are available 24 hours online on our website.