Online Quran Classes for Kids
Quran for Kids is a very basic online course designed for children who don’t know how to recite the Holy Quran.

In this course before learning how to recite the Holy Quran, the kids will get basic know how of Arabic language and its pronunciation (Tajweed).

Along with learning Quran recitation; your kids will also get Basic Islamic Education like learning how to offer Prayers as well as memorizing small Surah’s and common Prays.

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Levels of Online Quran Learning Course for the Kids

Quran Learning for kids lessons start with a small but very effective book named “Noorani Qaida”.

In Noorani Qaida teacher will teach your children about Arabic alphabets, joining alphabets and their pronunciation, making small words and small Ayaats. This is the first step toward teaching Quran for children.

In the second step student will start with small Surah’s of Holy Quran, then the kid will learn how to read the whole Quran at very basic level and memorize small Surah’s as well.
Reading Quran is the ultimate goal of program Quran for Kids and we will achieve this by the end of step three.

During this step student will get familiar with Quran Reading and children will be able to read Quran Surah’s themselves.

The children read whole Quran at least once under the supervision of teacher who will tell corrections to make.

It is recommended to make a revision after First Reading which makes student more fluent in reading Quran.

Bonus Learnings with Quran for Kids Classes

During the Quran for Children program, Student will also get following Islamic Learnings as free bonus.

Five Times Prayers (Salah/Namaz)
Method of Funeral and Eid Prayers.
Common Prays (Masnoon Duaian)
Memorize Some Small Surah’s

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