Lots of Muslims are living in Non-Muslim countries who wish to learn and understand Quran themselves or wants to bestow this gift to their young ones but they face numerous problems. They may be deprived of a competent Islamic teacher or they may have limited access to the Islamic Institutes due to a busy lifestyle, or they may not have the resources to make regular visits to a local Madrassa or Mosque at designated times.

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AlQuran Schools have come up with the SOLUTION to your problems which is learning Quran online skype.

We are pleased to announce that with the blessings of Almighty ALLAH, AL QURAN SCHOOLS have started “Online Quran Teaching on Skype” for kids, Muslim brothers and sisters. incorporating separate classes for women with a female teacher.

We are known for providing premier and unrivaled experience in Quran Teacher on skype with Tajweed, Tarteel, and Translation. We also provide the explanation to Quranic text, Tafseer al-Quran and separate courses for Hifz al-Quran. This is a GOLDEN chance for you to learn Quran online skype if you or your children can’t go to the Mosques for some reasons.

Al Quran Schools offer a diverse list of ONLINE courses about complete Islamic education.

We also offer many other online Islamic courses through Skype, like “Dora-e-Hadith”, “Learn the Urdu language”, “Arabic grammar” and “Basic IT Skills.”

Why did we feel the need for skype Quran classes online skype for kids and adults?

Islam represents the third largest faith in the United States of America. Muslims make 0.9% of the total population of the American population. Most of the Muslim residents are immigrants from the Middle East and South Asian Counties like Pakistan and India.

Due to less percentage of Muslims in the country, not many efforts are made on a major level to provide them with Islamic education. Islamic institutes and other sources of Islamic education are rare to find.

Before you decide, we recommend you to take our one week free trial of Skype Quran classes so that you may test our education system.

As a result, there’s a huge risk of Muslim community growing in such countries to be unaware of Quranic teachings and go astray. Muslim kids are prone to such a risk on a high level.

Muslim parents in countries like America are worried about their children getting a proper Quranic education. But now, Due to technological progress and innovation, It has become extremely easy to learn Quran online skype for beginners.
You, no matter where you are, can connect to our Islamic teachers in Pakistan and learn Quran online skype. To deal with the timing differences, our teachers are available 24 hours on Skype to help students who connect with them from anywhere around the globe. They use webcam and microphone for visual appearance and use the latest teaching & student’s management tools to provide quality education.

Every student is taught on ONE BY ONE basis to ensure each one of them get individual attention. Girls are provided with female tutors. It is just like getting Islamic education from a modern Islamic school. MASHALLAH! Al Quran Schools have successfully managed to gather an excellent team of highly qualified and experienced Quran Teachers. We polish the abilities of our tutors by providing them with proper training on a regular basis and updating our methods of teaching. Al Quran Schools hire teachers who are highly proficient at their work.

We train our teachers in a way to make sure that our teaching methods are kept up to date, and any problems are dealt with on a quick basis. We set high standards for them, and once they achieve them after months of training, we let them teach our valuable students. We have a special team of Information Technology experts as well, who keep an eye on the latest Technology trends for improvements and updates, working hard to keep our website free of technical errors.

Why should you choose us? Though there are numerous other websites which offer online Quran classes, AlQuranSchools.com is the ONLY website with such a powerful team of dedicated professionals both in Quranic Teaching and Information Technology who promise excellence so may you can take quran classes online skype.

Our purpose is to win the pleasure of our LORD. We understand the importance of the sacred work we do and we take FULL RESPONSIBILITY of each and every student of ours. Thus, our tutors strive hard, day and night, until our students master the skills we teach them. We keep our work organized and every lecture is supervised by our seniors.

Why Skype Quran Classes?

You have many other ways of learning the Quran so Why should you Prefer Quran Classes on Skype? What is the benefit of online Quran teaching on skype? and Why you need to hire a website for Online Quran teaching Skype?

Here’s the answer to that

You have a lot of benefits of face to face learning but with the passage of time life is getting busy day by day. We always hold of a list of pending tasks for a single day. Our kid has plenty of classes to attend in a single day. So, in this busy life is it possible for you to find a quality time to learn Quran from a capable and qualified teacher?

The answer is Straight No. The only solution is Learn Quran Online on Skype.

Online Quran teaching on Skype in an extremely busy life along with all of your important tasks. Your classes will conduct according to your schedule. Delay and rescheduling are more easy to learn Quran online on skype than any other option available there.

Some students have quality issues in Distance learning;

Most of them are worried about the qualification of Quran teacher on skype but in online study students avail a long list of options from which they can select the most suitable one as well as they can evaluate the quality of teaching provided by Quran teacher on Skype.

Online Quran teaching Skype, website not just pick one random teacher and present if on Skype Quran Classes. They evaluate their qualification as well Experience about Online Quran Teaching on Skype and then hire them like all other learning options.

Skype Quran via AlQuran

AlQuran Skype Quran is one of those places which not only assure the quality of their service but customer satisfaction stays always as their first priority. Our Skype Quran Classes not only make it easy to learn Quran Online Skype but you can get free Islamic culture guidance for your kids too.

There are many websites who provide you facility for online Quran teaching on skype but AlQuran has Facility of learning about Islamic culture from our Most Talented and experienced Quran Teachers on Skype, in which they will teach your Kids about How to spend their routine life according to Islam.

Along with regular lesson Quran, Teachers on Skype will make it sure that Your kids are memorizing all short Dua and Ayats of Quran which are the daily part of the life of Muslim. As the well Islamic manner of communication will be present by our teachers. So, Online Quran teaching Skype is the best option for those who are looking for learning quality as per their demand.

At AlQuran Quran Teacher on Skype are available to assist your 24/7 hour. They will arrange Skype Quran facility as per your selected schedule and all those requirements which you demand.

And guess What? You have a facility of Free Trial as well to check all of these. So don’t waste your time anymore Just Sign Up.