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A lot of Muslims living in non-Muslim countries don’t have access to regular mosques, Islamic institutions or teachers of Islamic education.

Arranging Quran education for their kids is a big problem for Muslim parents there, so to solve their problem we started “Skype Quran Classes” especially for Kids but adults can also join in. We also have female teachers for girls and women who are willing to take classes only from a female teacher.

Al Quran Schools offers complete Islamic education especially Online Quran Classes to teach Quran Reading, Tajweed ul Quran, Tafseer al-Quran, Hifz e Quran and Quran Translation. We also offer many other online Islamic courses on skype which are listed here.

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Islam is the third largest religion in America after Christianity and Judaism, but still Muslims are only 0.6% of the total American population and 70% of them are immigrants mainly from Arab and South Asian Counties like Pakistan and India. As you can see that percentage of Muslims in American society is very very low, so facilities for Islamic Education are very rare. As a result parents of Muslim kids are worried about Islamic education for their children.

But with the progress and penetration of technology, it is now possible to have Skype Quran classes online. Teacher sitting here in Pakistan can connect to the student on Skype with mic & webcam and teach them one-to-one using latest teaching & students management tools. It is just like getting Islamic education from a modern Islamic school.

Al Quran Schools has highly qualified Quran Teachers and we also provide them proper training of online Quran teaching.

We also offer one-week free trial classes so that parents can test our education system before paying anything.

Our teachers are highly skilled and professionals. We always ensure our teachers are update and our Specialists for Information Technology are always there to teach them the latest trends. There are many more Websites out there offering online Skype Quran classes but no of them have managed such a powerful team of dedicated and professionals.
Our teachers have years of experience for teaching and always working under the supervision of professors.